Automotive ad trends: Rich media outperforms banner ads in car sector (infographic)


With the automotive sector increasingly shifting their ad budgets to digital, new data shows a lift in click through rates, expansion rates and video completion rates.

MediaMind has compiled research on the performance of rich media interactive online ads, versus standard online banner ads in the auto sector.

The research reveals that rich media consistently outperforms standard banners on a number of key metrics including click through rates, expansion rates and video completion rates.

Specifically, DG's 2013 Benchmarks Report shows that compared to standard auto banners, there was a 28% lift in rich media click-through rates. The research also indicates that expansion rates lasted an average of 54.7 seconds, with video completion rates driven by intended motorists at 17% higher than standard auto banners.

Furthermore, DG has found that rich media is an effective performance booster for auto campaigns that target and engage audiences through multiple platforms. Users engage on rich media across all formats and sizes for an average of 36 seconds, with 23 seconds of user-initiated videos watched. There is a 63% video completion rate for expandable rich media with a 468% lift in dwell rate for floating ads, in comparison to the rich media average. The research also shows that ads using social features deliver better performance, with a 96% lift in dwell rate and a 57% higher interaction rate in comparison to the rich media average.

"Rich media can be an effective extension for auto manufacturers and dealers, especially when video is used. High quality video allows consumers to visually connect with the car and we see this translate to overall better engagement metrics," said Craig Philips, Product Marketing Manager, DG MediaMind. "Auto advertisers have really leveraged rich media formats to provide highly visual amounts of information to targeted audiences across the entire purchasing funnel. We expect to see continued growth in rich media and rich media with video formats over the next several years."

The data was compiled from a comprehensive analysis of more than 600 billion display ad impressions from 47 countries worldwide.



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