Businesses ‘overlook behavioural data about their customers’


Online customer behavioural data is often undervalued and rarely fully exploited to truly understand the motivations and future behaviour of site visitors, says digital analytics company Redsella.

In a new partnership with lifecycle marketing company Magiq, Redsella is looking to help businesses rediscover their customers using Magiq’s online data and other offline data to provide a holistic, 360 degree view of who the customer is and what they intend to do.

Redsella’s ability to wield heavyweight numerical algorithms and statistical processes means that it allows businesses to truly understand their visitors and customers. Linking Magiq’s detailed visitor and behavioural data with their customer insight science, Redsella will enable businesses to identify and target key visitor segments and make informed predictions about customer behaviour, such as when a customer is about to defect and likely to change service.

Dr Jaan Nellis, Director at Redsella, said: “Unfortunately, the increasing complexity of measurable data has led to many ecommerce companies forgetting that their most important asset is their customers. They’re putting a lot of effort into measuring customer interactions, but they’re forgetting that the point of that measurement is to gain a better understanding of not just who each of those customers are, but what they’re likely to do.

“Magiq has world class, innovative technology, along with stellar support from the technical team. They’ll be gathering online customer behavioural data for the Redsella platform, which is often overlooked as a high quality data source and as one that can have a significant benefit for businesses. For example, customer behavioural data can be particularly useful in identifying when companies’ key targets are likely to be making choices and enabling our clients to either anticipate or avert those decisions.”

Malcolm Duckett, CEO of Magiq, said: “Redsella is poised to take a position at the forefront of the customer analytics field by exploiting their analytical skills and Magiq’s detailed data to develop highly actionable data about businesses’ customers and visitors. The beauty of the partnership is that customers can then use Magiq to implement automated campaigns based on this insight to target individuals at key moments in their lifecycle with the brand to maximise return, retention, conversion or sales.”

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