McDonalds ‘Happy Table’ uses NFC for in-store mobile games


McDonald’s is experimenting with Near Field Communication with a new in-store mobile game that is activated when a user places their device on one of the tables.

Targetted at children and dubbed ‘The Happy Table’, the technology is being tested in a McDonald’s in Singapore.

Created in partnership ,with agency advertising agency DDB, users can a mobile phone over a table to activate a mobile game.

Customers must first download the McParty Run mobile application. Once it is downloaded, they can hold their NFC-enabled Android smartphone over a table and see Ronald McDonald and other characters from McDonaldLand come to life.

Users can also move their phone around the table as if it were a go-cart on a race track to harvest burgers, collect fries and fight Hamburglar and Captain Crook.

Currently, the Happy Table is only installed at the one McDonald’s location in Yishun, but after that pilot ends, the platform will eventually spread across more of Asia.

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