New iPhone 5S and 5C launch: What to expect


Apple is rumoured to be launching a plastic lower cost iPhone today, as the firm looks to compete with the likes of Samsung and Google in the growing budget smartphone market.

Watch this video below from the Daily Telegraph outlining the key rumours before today’s event.


Ahead of the event, held at its Cupertino, California headquarters, we round-up some of the key rumours on Apple’s latest strategy to boost its faltering global market share.

The firm said the event will "brighten everyone's day," suggesting the phones will come in a range on new colours. Beyond that Apple hasn't said much about its next phones, but many expect it to release two new devices- the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S

According to the leaks, the iPhone 5S will look like the 5, though it might come in a new gold hue. It is expected to feature a new fingerprint reader on the Home button, which will let users log into the phone with just a swipe of their finger. Other improvements are rumoured to include a faster processor and a better camera.

The iPhone 5C

A plastic, lower-cost version of the iPhone, called the iPhone 5C, is also expected to make its debut. Photos leaked online suggest the new model will come in a series of colors, including yellow, white, green and blue. Analysts say the company needs a cheaper phone to encourage growth in markets like China and India, and to counter Samsung's wide range of devices at varying prices.

iOS 7 Release Date

In June, Apple previewed iOS 7, the next version of the iPhone and iPad software that looks radically different. Everything has been redesigned with new colors and icons and there are new features too, including a Command Center for easy access to settings and a new camera app. Siri also has a different voice. Apple will announce the release date of the software at the event, which will likely be the week of the iPhone launch. Apple has already said that iOS 7 would be out this fall for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

iPods and Apple TV

Apple is also likely to also update its iPods as it does at its annual September event. However, there are conflicting reports about whether Apple will introduce a new Apple TV or just a software update for the Apple TV. According to the very reliable All Things D,there will be just a software update that enables more streaming capabilities from your iPhone or iPad.

According to Gartner, Samsung now has 31.7% of the global smartphone market, ahead of Apple with 14.2%.

In terms of operating system, Google’s Android holds a huge 79% of the global martphone market share, with Apple’s iOS reaching 14.2%v of the world’s smartphone users.

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