Twitter context search engine ‘Tame’ goes live for marketers


Tame has launched a new context search engine for Twitter aimed at marketing and PR professionals.

The tool lets users monitor brand buzz and hot topics relevant to clients with Tame’s 24-hour digest, identifying the hashtags to use to increase the audience reach of tweets.

Clients can also watch competitors closely and monitor how people are talking about them.

The tool also offers stats such as the total number of tweets including a specific keyword, as well as how many different users have talked about it or have used a certain hashtag within a specific period of time

“Twitter is where the conversation about pretty much anything is at. For a brand or individual, ensuring they have a share of voice on social networks like Twitter is paramount so it’s important their marketing or PR pros are equipped to take advantage of this. This is where we believe Tame comes in,” said Frederik Fischer, CEO and co-founder, Tame. “Using Tame, the full potential of Twitter can be unlocked.”

Once connected with an individuals or company Twitter handle, Tame gets to work. It delivers, at a glance, the hot topics relevant to a brand quickly and what people on Twitter are saying about a brand or a subject that is relevant. Users of Tame are also able to identify the influencers relevant to a brand and join the conversation all from within Tame’s slick dashboard.

“As Twitter became more popular, it was increasingly difficult to get to the centre of the conversation,” continued Fischer. “Tame takes away that headache. We deliver the type of information that is pivotal for marketing and PR professionals looking to optimise a brand or individuals profile and share of voice on Twitter.”

Tame is subscription-based with prices starting at €5 per month. For a users own timeline and network, Tame’s analysis can be used for free. Premium users will get global searches, multiple accounts and more.

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