UK mums flock to social networks- and not just Facebook


UK mums are 20% more likely than the general population to use social media, and 91% now use social media regularly—a 20% increase since 2010—according to new research.

The study, from BabyCenter and comScore, also found that 22% of mums say if friends or family don't participate in social media, those friends and family members are not as much a part of those mums' lives.

Mums are also more likely than the general population to own smartphones and to shop online.

Mike Fogarty, SVP and Global Publisher at BabyCentre comments: "Today's mum is the most influential and social consumer you'll meet. Before she clicks to buy, she's posted, pinned, tweeted, and shared. She influences, and is influenced, on social platforms.

"More than any other audience group, social media is so much a part of a mum's life that checking her various social platforms comes even before enjoying her first cup of coffee in the morning. Social media has become so pervasive, it's now fundamental to the way today's mums live their lives."

Below, more findings from the 2013 Social Mum Report.

Mum is a social leader

Mums lead across all of the major social media platforms, having a higher reach across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. They are 15% more likely to use social media regularly compared to the general population and on average will spend 8.0 hours a month on Facebook, 5.1 hours a month on YouTube and 4.4 hours a month on Tumblr.


Mums are the most social consumer

Saving money, discovering new products early on and keeping up with news from a brand she likes are the main reasons why mum chooses to follow or like brands on social media. Findings from the 2013 Social Mum Report show that half of mums have bought something because a brand posted a voucher or shared an offer on a social network and over a quarter of mums say that they have made a purchase because they saw a sponsored ad on a social network.


Mums are social on the go

Mums are early adopters of devices and mobile enables their social behaviour, allowing them to stay informed and connected on the go which is why mums are 2.5 times more likely to prefer checking social media on her smartphone compared to the general population. This is fuelling the adoption of mobile devices, which is up significantly compared to 12 months ago. Tablet ownership rates amongst mums have seen a 183% growth year on year and smartphone ownership is also up (by 13%). The only device that has seen a fall in ownership over the past year is laptops (ownership rates down by 4%).


Social media drives purchasing

When mums are looking for recommendations on brands and products from other mums, social media is increasingly their first port of call; 68% of mums use parenting social media platforms for brand and product recommendations, a figure that has increased 42% since 2009. Furthermore, mums are 34% more likely to spend online than the average UK online adult and they spend more when they do shop online (the quarterly online spending total per mum is £251 versus £222 for the general online population).


The findings of the 2013 Social Mum Report (PDF) were based on an in-depth survey of 1,480 mums and other online adults, social media diaries from 14 new and expectant mums, and behavioral and secondary analysis by comScore of e-commerce habits and social analytics.

Read the full report here


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