Google UK trends: Search ‘accounts for 56% of all traffic to Google sites’


Traffic to Google’s websites, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Play, account for 5.6% of the entire UK online audience, largely driven by its search business, according to new research.

The research, from web monitoring firm SimilarWeb, offer a rare breakdown of the popularity of the internet giants various web tools. The findings indicate that over half (56%) Google's UK traffic comes from search.

YouTube is the internet giant’s second most popular property, accounting for a quarter (25%) of all traffic. Further down the list, Gmail was the third most used tool at 12%, while Google Maps gets about 3%.

Google’s newer ventures, social network Google+ and entertainment store Google Play, only garnered 2% and 1% of all of Google's UK visits respectively.


In the UK, Google search has an 86% market share, compared to 8% for Yahoo and 6% for Microsoft's Bing, echoing a similar trend across much of Europe, according to the research.

Google sites also get the most traffic from Google search. Of the top 10 destinations from, 23 percent of links from the search engine lead to another Google property such as YouTube, Gmail or Google+.

Meanwhile, 5.2 per cent of clicks on Google UK searches go to sponsored links. SimilarWeb claims that Google had over 1 billion site visits to its search engine in August alone in the UK, so that 5.2 per cent represents the core of its business.

"When it comes to advertising on search engines, companies don't have much choice besides Google to target and reach their audiences online," said Daniel Buchuk, head of brand and strategy at SimilarGroup.

"More than 5 per cent of clicks on Google UK searches go to sponsored links. If we take into account that has nearly one billion UK visits every month which account for over 6 billion page views, we begin to understand the magnitude of Google's business operation."


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