Yahoo revamps email with threads and ‘disposable’ addresses


To coincide with its 16th birthday, Yahoo’s email has undergone its second revamp in a year with a raft of new features, as the firm looks to compete with the likes our Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.


Yahoo's redesigned email unveiled includes a ‘Gmail-style’ tool that threads together massages related to specific topics so they appear in succession.

Users now also have the option to create disposable email addresses when they don’t want to give out your primary address.

Another new feature lets Yahoo's email users decorate their inboxes with pictures taken from the company's photo-sharing service, Flickr.

In a joint statement, by Dave McDowell, Senior Director, Yahoo Mail and Lee Parry, Senior Director, Yahoo Mail, Mobile, said: “Our hope is that the new look makes your daily communication habits a little more inspiring and that it will be easier than ever to manage your email.”

Yahoo also made some features that were previously only available to Mail Plus users free for everyone.

The full features are listed below:

Disposable Addresses - Create a disposable email address when you don’t want to give out your primary address.

Filters - Use up to 200 filters to automatically sort incoming messages.

Mail Forwarding - Automatically forward your email to another email account, even another Yahoo Mail address.

Offline Access with POP - You can download your Yahoo Mail messages using a desktop email application, such as Outlook, and then access them offline.

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