Android app translation tool offered to all developers


Google has made its app translation tool available to all developers, letting brands and individuals reach a much larger international audience.


The ‘App Translation Service’ lets developers request translations from specialised providers from the Developer Console, for a fee that Google says ranges between $75 for a small app and $150 for a large one.

Previously, app developers had to find translation firms on their own, losing time and potentially money in the process.

With the App Translation Service, which is now open to all developers, developers only need to supply a list of strings they want translated, and they’ll receive the translated text in the console.

Google claimed developers could enjoy ‘massive increases in downloads and app engagement’ as a result of using the tool.

Translation case studies

For instance, the makers of the popular Zombie Ragdoll game used Google’s translation service and localized marketing campaigns to reach an impressive 80 percent of their install base from non-English locales.


In addition, dating app SayHi Chat expanded into 13 additional languages using the App Translation Service. They saw 120% install growth in localized markets and improved user reviews of the professionally translated UI.

The developer of card game G4A Indian Rummy found that the App Translation Service was easier to use than their previous translation methods, and saw a 300% increase with user engagement in localized apps.

Writing on the official blog page Ellie Powers at Google Play team said:”Every day, more than 1.5 million new Android phones and tablets around the world are turned on for the first time. Each newly activated Android device is an opportunity for you as a developer to gain a new user, but frequently, that user speaks a different language from you.

“To help developers reach users in other languages, we launched the App Translation Service, which allows developers to purchase professional app translations through the Google Play Developer Console. This is part of a toolbox of localization features you can (and should!) take advantage of as you distribute your app around the world through Google Play.”

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