Asia-Pacific demographics: One region, many audiences


The centre of the online universe now lies in Asia-Pacific, more than 40% of the worldwide internet audience is now based in Asia-Pacific. The sheer size of this market makes it worth every marketer’s time to know this audience better. However the biggest challenge lies in the diversity. This chart from comScore shows how the age differences across the region vary dramatically.


Australia and New Zealand share a similar online user demographic, skewing slightly older than the global average with 14% more users aged above 45 years old. Japan’s audience is somewhat similar to these two markets but its audience is more mature with only 34% of users between 15 – 34 years old, as compared to the 39% in Australia and 38% in New Zealand respectively.

Meanwhile, China’s audience is generally younger where 59% users are aged between 15-34.

The Singaporean audience follows a similar pattern but skews slightly older with 5% more of its users being above 45 years old. On the other hand, India has the youngest audience with 91% of its audience in the 15-44 years old segment.

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