First 'Mega Monday' reports point to Christmas shopping gone mobile


Slick mobile retail sites and convenient access to brands via smartphones and tablets are driving sales via mobile devices this Christmas season.

The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark reveals that on Monday 25 November , as consumers continue to go online in increasing numbers to complete their Christmas shopping, more and more are using mobile devices to browse and buy from retail websites.

The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark for Monday 25 November 2013 revealed :

• Online Sales Increased: by 33.5 percent compared to the same Monday in 2012.

• Mobile Shopping Soars : Mobile traffic grew to 42.4 percent of all online traffic, an increase of 68 percent over 2012. Sales completed via mobile devices were also strong, growing 81.5 percent year over year, and exceeding 31 percent of total online sales. (An increase of sales via mobiles of 80 percent year on year for the month of October, reported by IBM last week, already pointing to this trend).

• Smartphones vs. Tablets : While smartphone traffic accounted for 22.3 percent of all online traffic versus tablets at 20 percent, when it came to making actual purchases, tablet users drove 19.4 percent of online sales, which was 56 percent higher than that of smartphones users, who drove 12.4 percent - pointing to the importance for retailers of delivering a seamless and consistent shopping experience across different formats.

• iOS vs Android: iOS traffic generated 30.7 percent of all online traffic and 24.6 percent of all online sales while Android generated 10.8 percent of all online traffic and 6.7 percent of all online sales.

• Facebook vs. Pinterest: While marketers continue to rely on social media as a driver of brand loyalty, the benchmark revealed an interesting trend when comparing two well-known sites. Shoppers referred from Facebook averaged £59.39 per order versus £ 36.50 per order for Pinterest referrals. In addition, Facebook referrals converted sales at two times the rate of Pinterest referrals.

Today's news is based on findings from the cloud-based IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, part of the cloud-based IBM Digital Analytics solution, and tracks millions of e-commerce transactions, analysing terabytes of raw data from more than 200 participating UK retail web sites. Benchmark is the only real-time, self-service solution that delivers aggregated and anonymous competitive data for key performance indicators, showing how a site performs compared to its industry vertical peers and competitors.

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