Flipboard debuts shopping catalogues


Social magazine app Flipboard has launched a new catalogue section, letting users and brands alike create products with price tags and purchase links.


In an update this week on both iOS and Android, Flipboard will let users and companies create shopping catalogues complete with bright red price tags that link directly to where an item can be purchased.

When a product is added to Flipboard, the service will now begin trying to detect what its price is, and it'll automatically display that information beside it on the page.

Flipboard won’t be providing a payments system through, with clicks to buy being tansferred to standard web pages instead.

A number of retailers, including Banana Republic, Fab, and ModCloth, are launching catalogues on Flipboard today that will take advantage of the new features.

Magazines don't have to be dedicated to shopping to take advantage of the price tags though, as users and retailers can mix traditional articles and images in with the new product listings.

Flipboard currently has 90 million activations, though the company has yet to release daily active user figures in quite some time.

Watch this demonstration from Flipboard below:

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