Microsoft hires Dom Joly for new Bing It On campaign


Microsoft has launched the second phase of its ‘Bing it On’ campaign, which challenges consumers to directly compare Bing’s search results with Google’s.

Launching this week are three promotional videos, featuring celebrity comedy actor, Dom Joly, from the hidden camera/practical joke reality television series, ‘Trigger Happy’.

Promoted with digital and social media, the videos feature real-life comical sketches around three emerging social media ‘habits’ that Brits have: ‘selfies, ‘phubbing’ and ‘oversharing’.

View the videos below:

These trends have grown ever more prominent over the last year, highlighted by the announcement last week that ‘selfie’ is the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ 2013.

Viewers will be invited to reinvent these emerging digital habits by submitting their own take on a ‘selfie’ and uploading it to a supporting microsite Participants simply include the hashtag #DoSomethingNew along with their creative selfies on Facebook, Vine, or Instagram for a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 1020.

The new microsite will complement the existing online tool at, where consumers enter a query to receive unbranded results from both Bing and Google, allowing them to make an unbiased decision as to which engine’s results they actually prefer.

The campaign is designed to drive an increase in consideration amongst consumers, and demonstrate Bing’s continued effort to challenge the search engine market – Bing now has 12.6 million unique searchers, almost one third of internet users in the UK.

Brian Kealy, Head of Bing at Microsoft UK says: “This second phase of the Bing it On campaign is a humorous look at what we found us Brits do every day, often without even realising we’re doing it. Working with Dom Joly on this project was great fun and his particular humour shines through in the final edits, which I think are very funny.

“We believe Google is a default currently and we want to challenge people’s search habits. Bing is going from strength to strength in terms of its product offering across the entire Microsoft ecosystem and this campaign is about getting people to try it and make their own informed choice. But don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself.

“For marketers, the Yahoo! Bing Network is an essential part of any broader marketing strategy, representing 20 million unique searchers[4] from Bing and Yahoo sites. We’re focused on extending Bing’s audience base through customer-centered activity that inspires and excites and ultimately benefits the consumer, our advertisers and the Bing platform.”

View the campaign microsite here

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