‘OK Google’: Voice search comes to Chrome ahead of Glass launch


Google has released a Chrome extension that brings the voice-activated "OK Google" command to the browser, ahead of the launch of its Glass augmented eyewear next year.

Watch this video demo here:

The Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store. When installed, it allows those on the desktop to speak their commands to the browser using the "OK Google" hotword.

“This year, rather than stopping midway through to wash your hands and type in a search, you can just speak to your laptop: ‘Ok Google, how many ounces are in one cup?’” says a post from the company on Google+ Wednesday.

How it works

After downloading the free extension “Google Voice Search Hotword” from theGoogle Chrome Store and giving Chrome permission to access your computer’s microphone, users will see a “Say Ok Google” notice on the Google.com search bar. Once you say the command, the search engine should recognize your voice, and a small microphone will appear along the search bar.


If the microphone next to the search bar is grey, that means it is listening, if it is outlined then it is turned off to save battery. The default setting is to “listen” for five minutes, then shut off if there is no activity.

The extension also will set reminders and calendar events for you. For example, if a user says “Set a timer for 45 minutes,” it will let them know when to take the pie out of the oven.
However, the Google.com tab has to be open and active in order for the application to work, though they can also do a voice search from an open search results page.

Hands-free "OK Google" has also rolled out on mobile for devices like the Motorola Droid lineup, the Moto X, and the Nexus 5.

The app is already available on certain Google-supported Android devices, but it is in beta mode online. It’s also only available in English and in the United States.

Read the blog post here

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