Video viral of the week: Lionel Messi takes on aliens in Samsung's intergalactic soccer match


In its most ambitious campaign yet, Samsung’s latest Galaxy viral video pitches football star Lionel Messi against a horde of invading aliens. The campaign is only just kicking off, with more big players set to join the ‘Galaxy 11’ in what looks like a big budget sci-fi version of ‘Escape to Victory’. See why it’s our video viral of the week below…

The campaign, dubbed ‘Galaxy 11’ began with teaser videos featuring crop circles-style markings in London, New York, and Rio de Janeiro, and the presence of “aliens” at a few high-profile European matches, including Stamford Bridge.

This was followed by a video last week with New York Cosmos legend Franz Beckenbauer explaining these bizarre and elaborate happenings by revealing that the fate of the world would depend on athletic prowess and not military might as aliens have challenge mankind to a football match with the winner taking earth.

Beckenbauer was tasked with assembling "a team of the world's finest" and, as he promised in the video above, we can reveal that the captain and first member of the Galaxy 11 is four-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi.

Here’s Messi’s grand entrance:

The full story of “Galaxy 11” will be revealed in a series of chapters over the coming months online and across Samsung’s social media channels - including Facebook, Tubmlr, Twitter, YouTube and ChatON - using the call to action #Galaxy11.

Over the coming weeks, the other 10 players will be revealed. In December, the story will advance to their training for the all-important match.

Samsung says Galaxy 11 represents its approach to developing innovative campaigns that leverage its “people-inspired technology while uniting [consumers’] passions to enhance everyday experiences”.


Younghee Lee, Samsung executive vice president of global marketing for IT and mobile, said: “Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and Samsung admires the power of football as a unifying force to rally and connect a global community of passionate fans. Through this one of a kind campaign, Samsung wants to combine fans’ universal love for football and Galaxy devices.”

Samsung has been a sponsor of some of the world’s most valuable football properties since 2005, including Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munch, Juventus, Brazilian National Football, the Korea Football Association and the Asian Football Confederation.

“I’m excited to partner with Samsung on this unique campaign and serve as the manager of the Galaxy 11 team. This is an opportunity for football fans to come together and support a common goal,” said Beckenbauer. “Samsung has a history of creating unique campaigns that connect people around common passions and I’m looking forward to having the fans join us on this incredible journey.”

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