Why do happy shoppers spend more? (video)


If retailers and brands want shoppers to spend more, they need to focus first on making shoppers happy, according to a new report.

The report, from TNS Global, examines the idea that ‘happy shoppers spend more’ with three key approaches to make shoppers happy and see them spend more in-store.

These 3 key approaches are:

1. The shopping mission and the intended consumer usage occasion are the primary drivers of shopper behaviour and product choice.

2. Shoppers are either “Decided” or “Open” when shopping a category and this determines their task at shelf.

3. Making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want is proven to increase shopper spending.

View the full report here:

Source: http://www.tnsglobal.com/sites/default/files/whitepaper/tns-happy-shoppers-spend-more.pdf

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