Mobile trends in 2013- The wearable technology test


Smartphones finally outsell feature phones globally as developing world switches on to Android- but Apple remains best for consumer engagement and spend

Wearable technology makes headway with Google Glass ‘explorers’ and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- but mainstream audience demand is largely untested

Mobile advertising starting to prove its worth but brands still experimenting with best formats to reach consumers on the move in highly personal medium


Death of the dumb phone?

2013 was a big year for mobile, with smart watches, flexible screens and Google Glass released to early testers (with a commercial model coming next year) all hinted at how we’ll interact with digital media in the future. Smartphones now outsell feature phones globally, with low-end Android handsets taking the largest share of the market (at around 80%). Apple is still getting most engagement and spend from its users but some data suggests Android is catching up, spurred on by high-end devices from Samsung, especially outside the US. Mobile advertising is becoming more sophisticated, as publishers wise up to responsive design that adapts better to viewing on a multitude of devices. As part of our 2013 review series, we look back at the 10 biggest headlines that shaped mobile this year...

Tablets ‘overtake smartphones’ for global traffic- UK leads the way

August 2013


Global websites are now getting more traffic from tablets than smartphones, at 8% and 7% of monthly page views respectably, according to new data. The study, from Adobe’s latest Digital Index, analysed more than 100 billion visits to 1000+ web-sites world-wide. Just a year ago in January Adobe said it discovered website visitors using tablets spend 54% more per online order than their counterparts on smartphones, and 19% more than desktop/laptop users.

Google Glass specs revealed: Android app sync, 12GB storage and 5mp camera

April 2014

Google has revealed the specifications for its Google Glass augmented reality glasses, alongside an Android app, called MyGlass, to configure and manage the device.
Watch this video demonstrating the device in action:

Mobile advertising tools and technology – AdMob network gets boost from AdWords and other Google tools

May 2013

Google has started rolling out a major upgrade to the AdMob mobile advertising sales network in a major upgrade for mobile advertising tools and technology that leverages a suite of Google tools including AdWords and conversion optimisation techniques.

Watch the video promo explaining how the new service works here:

Smartphones outsell feature phones globally: Android gets 79% of market

August 2013

Smartphones finally outsold feature phones globally during the second quarter of this year, with Android taking a 79% share of the market, according to new research. The study, from Gartner, found worldwide smartphone sales hit 225 million last quarter, a 46.5% leap from the same quarter last year. Over the same time, feature phone sales fell to 210 million, a decline of 21%. Smartphones saw their biggest growth in Asia/Pacific at 74.1%, Latin America at 55.7%, and Eastern Europe at 31.6%.

Samsung vs. Apple


Operating systems


Mobile marketing trends: Most consumers ‘launch mobile ads by mistake’

August 2013

Over half of smartphone and tablet users (51%) say they mostly initiate ads on their mobile devices by mistake, with the majority preferring ads they can initiate on their own, according to a new survey looking at mobile marketing trends. The study, from Vibrant Media, analysed consumer attitudes to digital communication methods has found that advertising is ranked as the communications method which consumers feel least in control of on their handheld devices. Nearly half of consumers (48 per cent) said they feel least in control of ads on smartphones and tablets – ahead of, in order: social media, browsing the internet, instant messaging, email, text messaging, and making and taking phone calls.

View infographic below:


Microsoft buys Nokia mobile business for £4.6bn

September 2013


Nokia shareholders have approved the 5.44 billion euros (£4.5bn) sale of its mobile phone division to Microsoft, as both firms looks to regain lost ground to Google, Samsung and Apple in the mobile sector. Nokia shareholders have approved the 5.44 billion euros (£4.5bn) sale of its mobile phone division to Microsoft, as both firms looks to regan lost ground to Google, Samsung and Apple in the mobile sector.

Google ties with Nestle to launch ‘Android Kit Kat’

September 2014

In one of the stranger marketing tie-ups this year, Google has partnered with Nestle to name the latest version of its Android mobile operating software after it’s Kit Kat chocolate bar.

Samsung reveals ‘Galaxy Gear’ smartwatch

September 2013

Samsung has launched its much-anticipated ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smartwatch, letting users speak into the device on their wrist instead of their mobile phone.

Watch this video report analysing the new Galaxy Gear from Bloomberg below:

Apple’s new iPhones: Fingerprint ID, faster chip and a £469 ‘budget’ phone

September 2013

Apple has revealed its much-anticipated iPhone 5S and 5C devices, marking the first time the company has launched two smartphones simultaneously, as it responds to an increasingly competitive global handset market.

Watch this video from the Daily Telegraph showing highlights from the launch event below:

BlackBerry sale collapses as CEO quits

November 2013

Blackberry has made a surprise U-turn on its planned $4.7bn (£3bn) sale to consortium Fairfax Financial, instead replacing its chief executive and raising $1bn from investors.

Watch this video from Bloomberg discussing the move here:

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