Santa Vs. Amazon Drones- can $277bn technology replace magic reindeer?


When it comes to the most-efficiently run factories around the world, Santa’s workshop boasts a highly-systematic, technologically-advanced, and expensive operation worth over $227bn, according to this infographic examining how modern gadgets could replace Santa’s traditional 'reindeer-based overnight global distribution system'.

Publisher Finances Online has gathered 10 already-existing super advanced technologies they believe Santa could use to make the seemingly impossible logistics of Christmas gift-giving a success.

The infographic covers all aspects of Santa’s operations: from kid surveillance to Christmas Eve logistics with existing high-tech projects.

In the infographic you’ll find out that:

• $37-billion-worth Amazon Drones or Gift-O-Copters will distribute the right gift to the right child

• Santa’s Elves can go high-tech with advanced (and expensive!) Exoskeletons that will boost their productivity to the max!

• 18 Chinese Supercomputers, worth $800-million each, will enable Santa to read billions of gift requests from kids around the world in an instant

• To keep track of who’s good or bad, the whole operation will need a $12-billion Exabyte Data Storage hub -- now that’s a long naughty list!

Cyber Santa Claus: Amazon Drones, Supercomputers and Other Cutting-edge Technologies Santa Can Use To Deliver Christmas Gifts
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