Boxing day retail search ad revenues ‘double on last year’


UK retail search advertisers saw their ad revenue double year-on-year, as consumers shifted their browsing from desktops to mobiles, according to new research.


The research, from Kenshoo, indicates that On Boxing Day 2013, UK retail search advertisers saw their ad revenue double year-on-year (YoY) and experienced a shift to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), with 35% of spend, 37% of conversions, and 38% of revenue originating from tablet devices.

Shoppers who spent the day at home on Boxing Day, away from their work computers, reached for their tablet devices to browse the web and make their purchases.

The data is based on a representative sample of UK retailers using digital marketing technology company Kenshoo’s platform for managing search advertising.

The analysis reveals that while search advertising on computers still accounts for the biggest share of ad spend, conversions and revenue, marketers are capitalising on the shift towards smartphones and tablets by adjusting their investment towards those devices, with half of their spend on Boxing Day allocated to mobile.

Other findings include a 1300% increase in spend on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) which now comprise the default ad format for Google Shopping. Retailers saw a 1190% increase in clicks and 967% increase in impressions from PLAs, proving the format to be powerful and effective.
The charts below illustrate some of the key findings from Kenshoo’s analysis.

More background has been posted to Kenshoo’s blog

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