iBeacon in retail: Coca-Cola guides mobile users for World Cup marketing


Coca-Cola has become the latest brand to use Apple's iBeacon in retail, a new tool that that can track and guide shoppers in-store.

Watch this demo of how ShopKick is using iBeacon in retail below:

Coca-Cola is currently testing iBeacon a core part of its sponsorship of the World Cup in this summer and other major events.

In an interview with The Drum the digital director of Coca Cola, Simon Miles, explained how the drinks giant is planning to use the service.

“We are looking long and hard at iBeacons and what they might bring to market," Miles told The Drum, "It’s very interesting. We have some good ideas which will come to market this year around this as there are big opportunities.

“If you think that we can offer people various different offers and conversations with people depending on how close they are to our fixtures it can really help bring your marketing to life in a new way. What’s interesting is how we can integrate it.

“What’s really interesting is where we can have iBeacons installed so a person will receive one message when in the car park, then a second, different one once they are in-store, in a way which can bring your message to life.”

For Coca Cola, iBeacon is a way for brands to cut through in noisy marketplaces.
Separately, Coca-Cola is promoting the World Cup in Brazil by offering interactive mini-bottles with social media and augmented-reality features.

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