Top digital marketing data and statistics this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and statistics that caught our eye.

IPA Bellwether report: UK marketing ‘strongest in 13 years’

The latest IPA Bellwether survey indicates that marketing spend is at its ‘strongest rate in nearly 13 years’ as worries about the larger economy fall and the internet spearheads growth.




Global digital trends in 2014: Africa and South Asia biggest areas for growth (infographic)

The true global scale of digital reach across the globe is hard to measure, but this new slide set from agency We Are Social attempts to create a worldwide snapshot of digital trends in 2014- showing that the North American audience still leads in most areas of web connectivity and access, while Africa lags behind.

Digital ROI: Affiliate marketing gets ‘£14 return on every pound spent’

Advertisers in the UK spent £1bn on online performance marketing (often referred to as affiliate marketing) in 2013; up 15% on 2012, with advertisers getting an average £14 return on every pound spent, according to new data looking at digital ROI.




Top 10 reasons why websites are losing sales

Price and product range are consumers’ top complaints when it comes to retail websites, with rising expectations driving complaints, according to new research looking into the main reasons why websites are losing sales.


Twitter trends: Most brand tweeters ‘also tweet about TV’ (Infographic)

More than seven out of 10 people who tweet about brands also tweet about TV, representing a huge opportunity for marketers, according to new research.


Google ‘spends more than 5 biggest rivals combined’


Google is spending more on expanding into new markets than Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo combined, according to a new report.

According to a report in Bloomberg, the web giant has a $56.5bn cash pool to buy into new markets as growth in Web advertising slows, including last week's purchase of Nest Labs to expand into the much-hyped ‘Internet of Things’.

Bloomberg reports that Google has spent more than $17 billion in the past two years to purchase hardware, software and advertising-technology companies.

In contrast, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon. and Yahoo!.have spent less than $13 billion in total to buy companies in the same period, based on deals with disclosed prices.

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