How much do musicians earn on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube? Biggest earners revealed


Musician Zoe Keating has revealed her iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Pandora payouts for 2013- showing that downloads are still more valuable than streams for artists looking to make sales online.

The cellist’s publicly-shared numbers reveal 92% of her income still comes from sales rather than streams.

Keating’s figures focussed on 2013 when she was not promoting a new solo album.

The figures indicate that her biggest source of income was Apple’s iTunes Store.

Key figures are shown below:

• iTunes sales of 32,170 single tracks and 3,862 albums earned her over $38,195.

• On direct-to-fan site Bandcamp, 185 tracks and 2,899 albums sold earned a further $25,575.

• On Amazon, a mixture of physical and MP3 sales on Amazon earned her a further $11,571.

• On Spotify, 403,035 streams earned Keating $1,764.

• On YouTube more than 1.9m views of videos (mostly those uploaded by other people featuring her music) earned her $1,248.

• US personal radio service Pandora generated $3,258 of royalties – but from an undisclosed number of streams.

• Keating also notched up 266,331 streams on SoundCloud and 222,226 streams on her Bandcamp site, neither of which generated royalties for her.

She tweeted a link out to the spreadsheet on Friday (21 February) without passing comment on any of the services listed. “2013 music sales & streaming numbers for a middle-aged mom in a non-album cycle,” she tweeted, while noting that Apple keeps 30% of iTunes sales, while Bandcamp takes a 10% cut of sales through its website.

View the full spreadsheet here

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