Unilever signs up to new programmatic mobile marketing platform


Unilever is embarking on a new programmatic mobile marketing drive in partnership with Brandtone.

Watch a demonstration of how Brandtone works below:

Brandtone Konnect from Brandtone on Vimeo.

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Konnect platform lets companies send targeted messages to millions of customers, from SMS on more basic phones to rich media on smartphones.

The platform allows brands to launch campaigns and build relationships with consumers, while watching the response in real time, said Brandtone CEO Donald Fitzmaurice.

"It is so exciting to visit clients and to see the Konnect tool on large screens providing 'live coverage' of campaigns as they unfold," he said.

Unilever has launched its first mobile campaign with the tool to mobile devices across India.

"We see Konnect as the marketing equivalent of the Bloomberg terminal--providing real-time insights and a way of managing campaigns as they happen," said Rahul Welde, vice president of media at Unilever.

Perhaps the platform's greatest strength is the backend database. Access to a permissioned database allows companies to identify a target audience, create a relevant brand promotion offer and issue a call to action.

Brandtone said it built the consumer database through its work for global brands in the world's ten fastest growing markets.

"Every consumer has explicitly given the permission to be contacted in the course of purchasing a product and profiling themselves," notes Brandtone.

Unilever's senior vice president, media, Luis Di-Como, said mobility is “transforming” the way companies build brands.

“To ensure Unilever is prepared to meet this transformation, we have developed a marketing strategy called Crafting Brands for Life in a Connected World. This means Putting People First; Building Brand Love; and Unlocking the Magic.

“We believe that mobile is the connective tissue that holds this strategy together. In this way, mobile marketing is a great platform for building sustainable relationships, allowing us to create the proper context in which to interact with people in a personalised and addressable way,” he added.

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