Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

What clients want from their agencies: Mobile marketing ‘changing ad relationships’

The rapid pace of mobile marketing innovation is changing the relationship between advertising agencies and their clients, according to new research.

Global social media ad trends: Facebook and LinkedIn grow as Twitter dips

Facebook’s ad business has continued to grow with click through rate (CTR) and ad impressions increasing by double-digits quarter-over-quarter, at 20% and 41% respectively, according to new research looking into global social media ad trends.








Social TV on Tumblr: Conversations ‘last longer than Twitter’

Conversation around TV shows are larger and lasts longer on Tumblr than on any other social network, with shared visual content driving fans to engage with the site, according to new research.


Top 10 myths about ‘typical’ YouTube users (infographic)

Just who is a typical UK YouTuber? Nearly one-fifth of those watching YouTube are watching less TV according to new research looking into the top myths and realities of users of the video sharing platform.

View this infographic below:


View larger image here

Mobiles more important than sex? The weird stats that reveal the state of the US economy

Forget GDP and inflation levels- the true way to measure the American economy is by monitoring the sales of lipsticks and the most popular hemline for skirts. This infographic from Finances Online lools at the strange ways of measuring economic growth.


Understanding the new Indian shopper: 1 in 3 go online first

One in 3 FMCG shoppers in India now adopt a multi-channel approach, going online first and then head to the stores to buy, according to new research.



New York cops' Twitter campaign backfires with ‘police brutality’ pics


In April 2014. a hashtag campaign started by the New York City Police Department backfired after being inundated with photos of police brutality submitted via Twitter. This case study looks at why the campaign failed, and what brands can do to avoid similar Twitter catastrophes.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs marketing stunt reveals what Facebook knows about you

In April 2014, Ubisoft promoted its digital espionage game Watch Dogs with a site that scrapes publicly available information from Facebook to show users how much of their data is in the public domain… and how it could be exploited.

Watch this trailer showing how the tool works below:

Taco Bell uses Snapchat for Doritos Locos launch

In April 2014, Taco Bell Premiered its newest Doritos Loco Taco on with a short movie on Snapchat, marking a first for the self-destructing chat app.

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