UK brands ‘neglecting online newsrooms’


Many UK organisations are fialing to get the most out of their online newsrooms, missing a trick in getting vital free ‘earned media’ exposure as a result, according to a new report.

The study, from MyNewsDesk, found that the UK is falling behind the rest of the world in using online newsrooms in keeping their customers and media informed.

Newsrooms are used as a central hub for all of a brand's communications. They communicate news, content and multimedia assets to journalists, bloggers, influencers and customers. They are a central hub for all of a brand's communications.

The report examines how some of the UK's top brands and organisations are using online newsrooms to engage with the media, consumers and key stakeholders in order to tell their stories.

This year’s report concentrated on the UK, comparing various key national business sectors, as well as comparing the national average against the rest of the world.

Key findings:

• UK businesses are struggling to adapt to mobile. Despite numbers of mobile devices now significantly outstripping desktops, only 20% have made their online presence mobile friendly

• Local authorities are wasting their investment in digital technology. Despite clearly having invested in the construction of the best newsroom and online presence out of any of the sectors we assessed, with above average numbers including video and image libraries, this is being wasted by failing to fill these with any actual content.

• The high street are clueless at having an efficient online presence. Not only did 40% of UK high street businesses fail to provide any kind of newsroom, one in four of those that did linked to LinkedIn. This suggests they are failing to target their customers effectively.

• The UK is lagging behind the rest of the world. UK businesses scored an average of 26.3% in the benchmark, against the global average of 38%

• They are not keeping their customers informed. Over half of UK brands in our benchmark had newsrooms filled with out of date content. Given this included citizen information websites and publicly listed companies, this is a staggeringly poor performance that could have damaging consequences.


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