Australian digital marketers 'most confident in the world'


Australian digital marketers are more confident in their digital marketing abilities than their contemporaries in other countries, according to the results of a new survey.

The study, conducted by IAB Australia, found found that 36 per cent of Australian marketers are “completely confident” in executing their digital marketing campaigns, compared to 33 per cent worldwide. Over in the US, only 21 per cent of digital marketers said they were confident in their abilities.


Australians were also the most motivated, with 80 percent of respondents saying they are very motivated to learn more about digital marketing, compared to 69 per cent in the UK and 70 per cent in the US.

However, up to 80 percent of Australian respondents felt ‘not fully confident’ for specific digital marketing fields with the biggest skills gaps appearing in Data and eCRM, Search and Mobile Marketing.


Australia also ranked more confident in delivering Mobile Marketing than the UK (31% feeling "completely confident" in Australia vs 21% in the UK). This is interesting if comparing the prominence of mobile marketing in the two countries – in the UK, mobile advertising represented a 23% share of display advertising in 2013 whereas in Australia, only 14%.


The biggest barriers for growing their organisation’s digital business were perceived as the lack of digital experts, lack of client understanding on digital and a general lack of digital knowledge in the organisation. Looking at the future, Digital & Integrated Strategy, Content Strategy and Measurement & Analytics were seen as the most important digital areas for future development within the Australian organisations.


Key skills comparisons – Australia vs World Average:


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