Best times to post on Facebook: ‘After hours’ gets most clicks


There are over 15 million brands and companies on Facebook now with the number of users steadily topping over a billion. But when are the best times for a brand to post on Facebook- and what should that post contain? This study from TrackMaven looks into how to get the most visibility from status updates. In many instances, pages saw more engagement during the hours and days you may least expect it.

TrackMaven studied more than 5,000 Facebook pages and about 1.6 million posts to uncover the best days and times to post status updates, as well as how to structure those updates for maximum visibility.

TrackMaven found that while there was a significant drop in the frequency of posts on the weekends, the average engagement (measured as number of interactions per post in the study) was much higher for posts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Separately, the study finds that weekends have the lowest posting frequency but the highest interaction rates.


The most popular hour for brands to post on Facebook is 12-1pm, per the TrackMaven analysis, while the least popular hours are between 1 and 4am.



Interestingly, posts published “after hours” (between 5pm and 1am) have the highest average interactions per hour, at 2.49.


Other findings by TrackMaven included:

- 88 percent of posts contained photos.

- Fewer than one out of every six posts contained hashtags, but those posts saw 60 percent greater engagement.

- Posts containing exclamation points saw an average of 2.7 times more engagement.

- Only one out of five posts used question marks, but they saw 23 percent more engagement.


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