Samsung planning virtual reality headset for smartphones?


Samsung is working on its own virtual reality headset, flowing in the footsteps of Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, according to a news report.

Sources close to Samsung told Engadget the headsets have OLED screens and will connect with the next generation of Galaxy devices.

The reports suggest the headset will run on Android, rather than the Tizen operating system most recently seen on Samsung’s latest smartwatches.

The virtual reality headset is under development at the company's mobile division and is set to be announced this year.

The release date, price and other features were not revealed, but it does differ from the rumoured Galaxy Glass project, first reported on in October.

Some developers already have early versions of the headset, and Engadget added the headset is also likely to connect to a phone or tablet using wires, to prevent a lag when playing games.

Samsung was one of the first major companies to launch a smartwatch, after Sony, and is among the pioneers of the curved TV screen.

It could be hoping to steal a charge against its rivals and be the first to sell its virtual reality headset to customers.

Read the Engadget report here

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