Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

1 in 9 UK homes to be ‘smart’ by end of year

One in nine (11%) UK households will have at least one smart system by the end of this year, rising to over one in four (27%) households in five years, according to new research.


E.g. 38% of US households will have at least one smart home system in 2019

Search engine keyphrase CPC ad rates fall further as search battles social


Google’s revenue from Cost Per Click (CPC) ads, a key measure of the quality of its advertising, have fallen for the 11th quarter in a row, as pressure from international markets and the rising popularity of social media push the value of paid search ads downwards.

The following are the top financial highlights:

• Google sites: $10.94 billion (69 percent of total), up 23 percent YoY

• Network: $3.42 billion (21 percent of total), up 7 percent YoY

• International: $9.33 billion (58 percent of total) up 3 percent YoY. UK revenues were $1.62 billion (10 percent of total) which were flat YoY

• Other revenue: $1.60 billion (10 percent of total) up 53 percent

• Paid clicks: increased 25 percent YoY (up 2 percent vs. Q1). Network paid clicks (on non-Google properties) up 9 percent

• CPCs: decreased 6 percent YoY but were flat vs. Q1

• TAC: $3.29 billion in Q2 vs. $3.01 billion a year ago

Display ad tips: “Viewability alone does not equal success”

Only about 50 percent of all online ads are considered "viewable." That means about half of ads are never viewed. And associated spend on those ad spots could have been wasted. Understanding an ad's viewability is an important part of creating effective advertising. This report from Nielsen looks into why viewability is only a small part of the larger picture of advertising success.


Online pharmaceutical marketing drives conversions- study

Direct visits to branded pharmaceutical websites continue to bring greatest lifts in consumer awareness, favourability and conversions, according to new research.




Genius or balls? Airbnb rebrand sparks web ridicule

Airbnb has undergone a rebrand as the accommodation sharing website looks to target more markets, but the new logo has attracted widespread mockery on the web for its similarities to certain parts of the human anatomy.

The company released a video about the meaning of the Bélo symbol (which appears to the left of "airbnb" in the logo):

Uber taxi firm use digital PR to fuel market development

Transport marketing case study - Digital PR techniques are powerful for the online amplification of offline events, and taxi firm Uber’s ice cream stunt is a great example of how to use digital channels to get people talking about a service.

Tumblr case study: Coca Cola ‘happiness’ blog gets 20,000 interactions in 6 hours

Brands can’t ignore Tumblr as a platform, and Coca-Cola was no exception. Back in 2012, Coca-Cola launched a Tumblr blog to share happy content with teen bloggers- with a single post getting 20,000 likes and reblogs within just six hours.


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