Fanta creates weekly comedy Vines


Fanta is using 6 second video platform Vine to create a weekly digital comedy series, "Fanta For The Funny," aimed at teenagers and young adults.

View the first episode below:

The Coca-Cola owned firm is investing a ‘seven figure’ sum in the content, which will be distributed across Fanta's social and digital channels alongside

Fanta will premier one new episode of the digital series every Friday for six weeks.

Each episode will combine comedy with topics teens care about, like sports and music, while channeling Fanta's mantra - "More Fanta, Less Serious."

Running for six weeks, the Vines will feature ‘gags and pratfalls’, with popular Vine users big- AlliCattt, Jason Mendez and Mighty Duck recruited to create and share content, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

Users of Vine are being encouraged to create videos using hashtag #FantaForTheFunny to be included in future episodes.

The new campaign was developed based on extensive online listening research which uncovered insights about multicultural teens' motivations and behaviors online, and the media and devices through which they engage in playful experiences. The series gives teens an easily-accessible forum for creative self-expression and the ability to connect across diverse U.S. geographies and cultures.

"Today one-in-three teens doesn't just want to be famous, but they believe they will actually be famous, and they are interacting with Vines at twice the rate of other audiences in search of humor, entertainment, creativity and conversation," said Racquel Mason, AVP Fanta and Flavors. "'Fanta For The Funny' unites teens around their shared desire for fame and their shared passion for humor, while allowing them to be themselves and to connect their way."

The campaign was created by 360i, with Starcom MediaVest handling the media buy.

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