Global web trends 2014: Consumers ditching traditional media for digital


People are spending more time each day on online rather than traditional forms of media., according to new research looking into global media consumption trends.


The study, from GlobalWebIndex, found that the only places where traditional still leads are the UK, Australia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and France – but even here, the ratios are close.

Globally, internet users now spend a daily average of 6.09 hours on online media, up from 5.55 hours in 2012.

Online populations in Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil are the most digitally orientated of all, typically consuming 8 hours or more. This reflects a general trend of internet users in fast-growth markets typically spending the most time online.

Other key findings from the report are listed below:

• Watching traditional TV remains the single biggest media activity – accounting for an average of 2.58 hours per day (a 23% share of total time spent on media).

However, online TV is enjoying consistent rises; by 2014, people were watching an average of 0.7 hours per day (a 6% share).

• The USA remains the biggest television market in the world, with internet users typically watching 4.33 hours per day. Those in China watch the least television overall (2.20 hours), but are the second biggest consumers of online TV (1.03 hours).

• The Printed Press is the most digitized form of media; internet users in the majority of countries surveyed now typically spend longer on online rather than physical print press.

• Mobile now accounts for 30% of the time we spend on online media – a rise from 22% in 2012. At a national level, mobile’s share exceeds 40% in several fast-growth markets, led by Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the UAE.

• 2nd screening is prolific, with mobiles now the top device. The vast majority of consumers are digitally multitasking as they watch shows.

• 16-24s are the biggest consumers of media via the mobile internet (2.77 hours per day, up from 1.88 in 2012).

• In every country surveyed, social is the dominant online media activity. Taken together, social networking and micro-blogging account for nearly 2.5 hours of our daily online time – which translates to more than 40% of our online activities.



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