Most popular affiliate marketing ads: Discounts most popular for customer engagement


Adverts offering ‘percentage off’ are the most popular with customers in terms of affiliate engagement, according to new research.

A team of researchers working with Optimus Performance Marketing has put together a trend report looking into the sales statistics of the most common products and goods purchased throughout the past twelve months based on seasonality.

he report also indicates the most popular offers brands can use in order to generate sales through affiliate activity.

Mark Russell, CEO of [] explains the most noteworthy findings from the report below:

“The first notable piece of information to emerge from the report is the different seasonal influences that drive sales of particular products or towards different retailers. The following factors drive purchasing patterns either on a reactive short-term basis or on a planned, predictable schedule:

Seasonality Factors

1. Genuine Seasons- (summer/winter holidays, summer/winter clothes, indoor/outdoor furniture)

2. Manufactured Seasons- (new car registrations, new season jewellery, annual sales, new product launches, Christmas/Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, sporting events)

3. Non-specific Annual Events- (insurance renewal, phone contracts, MOT, car servicing)

4. Tactical- Hot weather (pools, air-con, fans, BBQ) Wet weather (home entertainment, takeaways)

Alternative, external factors that come into play are whether purchases are considered to be essential or discretionary. Discretionary purchases are far more likely to be influenced by short-term factors such as the seasons or weather, which will make consumers want to purchase different things.

This therefore indicates to retailers investing in affiliate activity that picking the most effective offers and media partners to use is largely a question of what needs to be sold, how difficult it could be to sell and how saturated the market already is for that kind of brand or product.

Another important finding of the report is how important it is to consider the various affiliate types when looking at promotions. Cashback and voucher codes account for the majority of sales, and as they sit so close to the point of purchase, the availability of voucher codes or a higher cashback rate will be a decisive influence on whether a purchase is made and the choice of brand or retailer.

It is important that retailers have their latest offers listed. Sales, discounted items/ lines or any generic or exclusive codes or cashback rates will often secure a brand additional exposure in relevant site areas or newsletters.

The most popular code formats, as witnessed by Optimus Performance Marketing over the past twelve months, are as follows:

1. Percentage (%) off any purchase -(giving purchaser the total choice)

2. Percentage (%) off minimum spend - (retailer is trying to maintain or increase the average order value)

3. £ off a minimum spend- (retailer reducing overall percentage (%) discount while trying to maintain average order value)

4. BOGOF (buy one get one free)/Gift With Purchase- (value add codes aimed at giving customers extra incentives to improve conversion)”


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