Vine opens up to other video apps


Six second video platform Vine will now let users upload video clips created elsewhere, as the Twitter-owned firm looks to boost the usability of its app.

Watch this video demonstrating the new changes below:


Previously Vine users had to tap and hold on the screen for a total of six seconds while recording their videos.

However, Twitter has lifted that restriction, letting Viners upload videos they've already taken using their phones' normal camera apps, with the ability to cut multiple clips into a single Vine.

The company is currently encouraging users to mine the depths of their old videos and publish them using the hashtag #VintageVine.

The ability to import existing videos into Vine may also make the service more attractive to those who prefer Instagram's less restrictive video feature, which lets users trim, filter and upload up to 15 seconds of footage.

The Vine update also adds new editing tools, like the ability to duplicate specific sections of video or mute certain parts of the audio, and new tools for recording footage, including a grid and a level to help ensure you're shooting straight.

“Every day, millions of people open Vine to share memories in the moment,” the company says in a blogpost. “Today, Vine has unlocked a new camera that gives you the freedom to create a Vine in any way you want.”

As well as the ability to upload videos, Vine has introduced a few new tools to the built-in camera: users can now access a spirit level and flashlight while filming, and the focus-lock option will work within the app.

“New camera tools offer more powerful ways to edit your videos, and you can now import existing videos from your phone and turn them into Vines. With this release, you have more control over what goes into your Vines and more freedom to manipulate your content – right within the app,” it says.

The new iOS version of Vine is out next week, and an Android update will follow.

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