A profile of the average blogger in the UK (Infographic)


The average UK blogger can make £906 a year from affiliate marketing commissions, have full time jobs elsewhere and gets 18 interactions on their blog each day, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by Optimus Performance Marketing [uk.optimus-pm.com] polled a total of 2,043 UK bloggers, all of whom have currently monetised their blog through affiliate programs for at least one year or more.

The study highlighted the average age, number of subscribers/followers, affiliate income and time spent blogging in a typical week.

View the key findings in this infographic below;


All bloggers taking part in the study started their blog as a hobby or side project, and all either work full-time or are in full-time education whilst maintaining their website. In order to gauge the most accurate results, the only predetermined area of the study was the gender split of respondents, which had an even split of male to female respondents.

Respondents were initially asked to disclose their age, with the average male and female blogger taking part in the study aged 26 and 23 respectively. When asked to disclose which region they currently resided in throughout the United Kingdom, the five most common locations emerged as follows:

1. London- 23%
2. North-West- 17%
3. Scotland- 13%
4. West Midlands- 10%
5. South-East- 8%

When next asked to reveal how long they had their blog for before making the decision to invest in affiliate activity, the average emerged as 2 years and 8 months before the blogger decided to pursue the commercial avenue. Furthermore, when questioned on roughly how many followers or subscribers to their blog they had before deciding to commercialise their blog, it was revealed that they average blogger has 285 followers/subscribers with approximately 18 interactions/comments on their blog a day.

In order to delve into how much extra time and effort is needed when it comes to making the change from a standard blog to a blog used to making commission, participants were asked to note the difference in time spent working on their blog, whether increase or decrease, in an average week before and after making the change. Before investing in affiliate activity, bloggers recalled an estimated time of 8.5 hours per week spent working on their blog. A leap of 9.75 hours a week is spent working on blogs once commission is being targeted, with the average affiliate blogger claiming to spend up to 18.25 hours a week blogging.

Mark Russell, CEO of Optimus Performance Marketing, made the following comments regarding the findings of the research:

“After the findings generated from our previous study of bloggers making commission through affiliate activity, we were excited to produce an extension to our study looking at the broader range of influences and trends relating to those successfully making money in the UK. Given the cost of living in the capital city, it is hardly surprising that there are a high number of bloggers in London attempting to monetize through their blogs.”

He continued: “Taking all of the information on bloggers we have retrieved from this and previous studies, we have subsequently used the results in order to create an overall infographic outlining the average profile of a UK blogger. It’s very interesting to see a little further behind the screen of the average blogger.”


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