Microsoft planning smartwatch launch soon?


Microsoft is planning to launch its own smartwatch device in the ‘next few weeks’, according to Forbes.


Forbes, which cites unspecified sources who are reportedly "close to the project”, said the gadget will have health-monitoring capabilities such as a heart rate tracker.

In addition, it is said to work across different mobile platforms, and you apparently won't have to charge it very often.

Forbes reports that a single charge will last for more than two days of "regular use."

It remains unclear what Microsoft's rumored smartwatch will be called or what it will cost. In addition, there was no mention in Forbes' report today about Microsoft's smartwatch featuring any compatibility with Xbox 360 orXbox One--or gaming at all, for that matter.

The launch’s timing is interesting, not only because it will beat Apple’s own smartwatch to market ahead of the Christmas shopping rush, but because it comes ahead of the release of Windows 10 next year.

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