Mobile now accounts for half of all YouTube traffic


Half of all YouTube views are now coming from mobile devices, with Google now mulling an ad-free subscription service to cater for the app generation.


The figures come from YouTube chief executive, Susan Wojcicki. confirming that mobile now accounts for 50 of all the platforms views.

Speaking at the Code/Mobile conference, Wojcicki acknowledged that the YouTube app, available via Google Play and Apple's App Store, had contributed to the increase in mobile views. She also confirmed that "mobile is super important. I think it’s important for every business right now”.

YouTube has struggled with providing subscription options to users in the past but in the same discussion, Wojcicki strongly hinted that it was considering a new feature which would provide ad-free content to subscribers.

As for the much talked about streaming music feature, Wojcicki would only comment that she was “optimistic about seeing it soon”.

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