Telegraph debuts two new mobile ad formats


The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) has teamed up with Celtra to launch two advertising formats for The Telegraph’s mobile site.


This follows the success of the mobile site’s re-launch ahead of the FIFA World Cup and The Telegraph’s highest ever mobile page view numbers on A-Level results day.

Developed by Celtra, ‘Interscroller’ is a revolutionary new interstitial format that reveals itself organically as the user scrolls through an article on the mobile web. It combines the power and visibility of high impact formats, bringing brand content and creative storytelling into focus while offering a much more native and friendly placement within website content.

The ‘In-line Video’ will offer advertisers the ability to run a 30 second video advert within online content and submerse users within a captivating video environment.

The ad formats gives TMG exclusive rights to offer the Interscroller ad format to its clients until end of 2014.

BP through Mindshare are the launch partner for the Interscroller ad format which has allowed them to share a variety of stories about their own employees in one advertising unit, as part of their wider campaign revealing the team at BP who are behind innovations in energy.

Nigel Leigh, Head of Commercial Platforms - Digital, TMG, said: “This collaboration with Celtra to launch these two new formats – the ‘Interscroller’ and the ‘In-Line Video’, shows how TMG continues to offer the most innovative advertising opportunities in the market. We look forward to working with Celtra again as this has been an extremely successful working relationship. We are excited that TMG continues to engage with users and be at the forefront of advertising solutions.”

Matevz Klanjsek, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Celtra, said: “As advertisers are increasingly looking for better ways to communicate with their audiences through mobile ads, we are constantly looking to innovate and bring to market better and more powerful ad formats. Interscroller combines the effectiveness and storytelling abilities of interstitial ad format with the politeness of native ads. This is why we call it a friendly interstitial. We are extremely happy to partner with TMG to bring to market these two new ad formats and look forward to working with such a forward-thinking partner in the future.”

Mark Rose, Brand Communications, Europe, BP, said: “Our new brand advertising campaign focuses on presenting the team at BP who are helping energy move forward. As well as allowing us to seamlessly share a range of employee stories in one ad unit, using the innovative new ad format such as Interscroller underlines our philosophy of innovation and creativity in technology.”

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