Top digital marketing data and case studies this week


Here are the top digital marketing data and case studies that caught our eye.

Is social shopping over-hyped? New report casts doubt on Facebook effect

There is a growing importance of digital consumer engagement, but a new report casts doubt over role of social media in shopper journeys.

• British and Dutch consumers are least keen to receive personalised offers and recommendations through digital channels – nearly a quarter (23%) of UK consumers say this is not at all important to them, in comparison to 1% of consumers in India

• As a nation, we are not embracing mobile phone applications to pay for in-store products – nearly half (47%) of British people say this is not at all important; the most negative response of any of the 18 participating countries

• Swedish and British consumers are least interested in participating in online communities provided by retailers – more than a third of consumers in the UK (35%) and Sweden (36%) believe that participating in online communities to provide feedback is not at all important

• Mature markets are less interested in checking the price from competitors - over a third of consumers in the UK (36%), Canada (35%) and the USA (36%) rated this as not at all important



The dual screen football fan: Match day digital habits revealed

Social media and dual screening now play a central role for the average football fan on match days, according to new research.



Does creativity matter? Research shows dramatic impact on business results

Firms that let employees be creative in their work are often rewarded with greater sales and market share, according to new research from Adobe.


Fastest growing ecommerce items: Motor products, computer equipment and eBooks

British consumers’ intent to buy motor-related products, computer equipment and eBooks online has tripled since 2011 – according to a new study by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights into what consumers watch and buy.


Which TV dramas generate most word of mouth? Lucan gets most social buzz

The show Lucan on newly launched ‘ITV Encore’ was the biggest generator of word-of-mouth buzz on UK TV in the past 3 months, according to new research.


Source: Nielsen BARB / TalkTrack® Fusion, Q2 2014


Honey Maid turns social media hate into love with diverse family campaign

Honey Maid courted controversy in the US with a campaign celebrating the diversity of modern families. This case study looks at how the Mondelez-owned cracker brand turned social media backlash into something much more positive… getting over 11 million YouTube views in the process.

Dettol boosts spray sales 86% in China via mums' word of mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing online is not just reserved for ‘cool’ brands like Nike or Coca-Cola. Even relatively mundane household cleaning brands can create social media buzz- as shown by this 2011 campaign from Dettol in China that targeted mothers.

Nike mixes dance and social media to reach 1 million people

This interactive dance event from Nike combined social media with an impressive art installation- creating a huge social buzz in Taiwan in the process. This case study looks at how the sports brand used the event to generate interest in its ‘Airforce One’ trainer- generating over a million Facebook impressions.

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