Online video effectiveness: Which formats and frequency work best?


As brands increasingly go ‘online first’ to premier their latest commercials, just how effective is video advertising? A new study uncovers the formats and frequency that can get the best results to win consumers.

The study, from IAB and Millward Brown, indicates that online video ads deliver uplifts of between 1.1% to 4.4% across the consumer purchase funnel (see chart below).


The report took a retrospective analysis of global campaigns in 2012-2014 using Millward Brown’s MarketNorms data.

The IAB wanted to explore the impact of video ads across the purchase funnel in order to provide industry benchmarks, as well as to explore the difference between the best and worst campaigns.

The study found that compared to standard static banners, formats such as pre/post roll are up to 8 times higher for message association and 4 times higher for purchase intent.


The report uncovered huge variation across the 2,191 campaigns measured, with well executed video campaigns result in uplifts between 9-17%.

The more the ad is seen, the more likely people are to understand the message. But the study said that brands should be aware of frequency capping to avoid annoying consumers. It put the optimum frequency at between 4- 9 ad views before consumer approval dropped off.

The full study is available here (registration required)

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