Gmail slowly returns in China after ‘block'


Access to Google's email service Gmail is slowly getting back to normal after a reported block on the email service, according to reports.

Over the Christmas period, Google's own data indicates such traffic took a nosedive on Friday and has only slightly recovered since.

The US firm said there were no known issues with its provision of Gmail.

"There's nothing technically wrong on our end," Taj Meadows, a spokesman for Google Asia Pacific, told news agency Associated Press.

The Chinese government has neither confirmed nor denied that it was behind fresh restrictions.
The only way users in China have been able to access Gmail over the last few days were through a VPN service.

However, a new bump in traffic suggests hat's slowly starting to change. According to Google's own transparency report, traffic to the email service is starting to pick up once more, signaling an end (for now, anyway) to yet another issue plaguing the search giant's operations in mainland China.

Google closed its China office in 2010 following a rocky relationship with the authorities about its handling of censorship.

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