Google revamps ‘viewability reporting’ for video ad analytics


Google will start telling US advertisers and publishers to what extent their digital video ads are being seen, keeping with the Media Rating Concil's standard.

The standard is defined as a 50% in view for at least 2 seconds, and is designed to help advertisers and publishers define when their ads have been successfully viewed by a person onlione.

This viewability reporting will be available to any campaigns served through Google's DoubleClick ad-technology system, including its ad exchange, but advertisers and publishers will need to use Google's DoubleClick reporting tools to view the stats.

As part of that 2015 viewable video ads roll-out, Google plans to extend its viewability reporting to YouTube ads bought on a reserved basis or through its NewFronts package called Google Preferred, which compiled the top 5% of YouTube channels into 14 packages for advertisers to buy.

Later this year Google also expects to start telling advertisers the average amount of time that an ad was viewable on YouTube and whether people are listening to the ad or whether it's muted or playing in a background tab.

Bob Wootton, ISBA’s Director of Media and Advertising said: “ISBA welcomes Google’s attempt to give advertisers more visibility into the number of video ads that are actually seen by users. It is a step in the right direction. However, this must and should also mean that the search giant should not charge or will reimburse advertisers for advertising that isn’t viewable and doesn’t meet the Viewability standard.

“In addition, there is a discussion to be had around the Media Rating Council’s Viewability Standard that has been implemented in the US. Seeing an ad for two seconds with 50% in view surely is a very low bar to meet when talking about ‘viewable’ impressions.”

View the Google blog post here

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