Microsoft's ‘Spartan’ browser to offer alternative to Internet Explorer


Microsoft is planning on launching a new browser to co-incide with its Windows 10 operating system, due to go live later this year.

The new browser may include Cortana voice recognition , digital-inking support and grouped tabbing, according to various news reports.

Windows 10 will apparently introduce a new Microsoft browser, but still keep Internet Explorer in place.

Spartan’s browser tab functionality will be streamlined in an effort to clean up multiple browser tabs. Users will be able to group tabs to their preferences, such as personal and work tabs.
Spartan is a single browser app intended to work across PCs, tablets and phones. It will also look and feel similar across all devices.

It will be available on Microsoft’s Windows Store as a way for the company to simplify the update process for the browser. The desktop version of the app will be offered separately from mobile versions.

Microsoft is expected to show off and discuss Spartan at least to some extent during the January 21 Windows 10 preview event.

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