Gmail lets users send cash in emails


Google is launching a new feature in the UK that lets Gmail users send money to friends and family over email.

The service, which launched in the US in May 2013, is based on Google Wallet – a free mobile payment system that stores a user’s debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and gift cards on their digital device.

Google account holders can transfer money from their own Wallet to a contact's Wallet by hovering over the attachment paperclip in Gmail, clicking the £ icon, entering the amount, and pressing send.


The transfer works even if the recipient does not have a Gmail address. However, when they receive money for the first time, they will need to create a Google Wallet and link it to their bank account in order to claim the cash.

It's coming in over the next few weeks for all Gmail users who are over 18 in the UK.

Users will have to click the "£" icon which will soon appear on emails, and enter the amount they wish to send.

Users will be able to both send and request cash

Google made the announcement on an official blog post and says the service will be free.

Users without a Gmail account will also be able to be sent cash - everyone will have to set up a Google wallet balance, and link it to their debit card or bank account.

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