Sainsbury’s tests self-updating e-ink price labels


Sainsbury’s is trialling a new digital pricing display system that uses e-Ink technology rather than traditional paper to produce self-updating pricing tickets.

The new e-Ink digital price tags are being tested at a Sainsbury’s London store in Shoreditch and enable the prices to be updated for products even quicker by staff, as well as reducing the amount of paper waste.

The e-ink units will be overseen by specially trained staff and will be regularly updated automatically from a central system. Each device's data will be encrypted and the units are fortified against the low temperatures typically discharged by fridges and freezers.


Jon Rudoe, the Director of Digital and Technology at Sainsbury’s, explained :“A key part of our strategy is to make sure we’re looking at new technology on behalf of our colleagues to make their lives easier.”-“So this trial will give us useful feedback about quicker, efficient digital pricing information and how much time and paper we’ll save in the process.”

“The units will be programmed by trained colleagues who assign the label to a product. Prices and offers are then updated automatically using pricing data from central systems. The units use secure, encrypted software and are designed to resist cold temperatures in fridges and freezers.”

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