White paper: Programmatic TV for the sell side demystified


As TV ad sales follow wed ads into automation, what do broadcasters and cable operators need to know about programmatic technology? This new white paper from SpotXchange tackles this burgeoning trend for the sell side.

Simply put, programmatic TV is the technology-based empowerment of the planning, buying, measurement and optimisation disciplines of traditional television. While programmatic TV is still very much in its infancy, for many, it represents an inevitable future.

Others maintain a healthy skepticism regarding programmatic advertising’s potential value within the traditional TV transaction, but a fully realised programmatic TV, or Audience EverywhereTM solution, has the power to give TV sellers operational efficiencies, better yield management, data-driven transactions, real-time optimisation and household addressability.

SpotXchange’s “Programmatic TV Guide for Sellers” covers everything from industry economics, the power of data and automation and analyses regarding video consumption trends. The paper includes sections on the fragmentation of the video viewing audience, the opportunity for the supply side and the promise of programmatic TV at a global scale.

“Our hope is that this paper will spark a lively discussion around the pain points facing broadcasters and cable operators around the world and the potential for programmatic to increase revenue and improve transactional efficiencies for both sellers and buyers,” said Randy Cooke, Vice President of Programmatic TV, SpotXchange. “This is the first in a series of papers from SpotXchange that will examine programmatic TV and how industry stakeholders can position themselves to reap the benefits of this emerging technology.”

SpotXchange’s “Programmatic TV Guide for Sellers” is available for download here.

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