Food digital marketing trends: Supermarket recipe pages prove popular on Pinterest


Tesco and Asda have the most ‘pinned’ (shared) content on Pinterest, with recipe pages proving most popular, according to new research looking into UK supermarket perfomance on the social media scrapbooking site. .


The research, from Searchmetrics, indicates that an Asda recipe for a Penguin themed festive cake earning more pins (shares) than any other supermarket web page.

The study analysed the visibility of nine leading UK supermarket websites on Pinterest. As shown in the table underneath, has 43,834 pins (shares) for its web pages on Pinterest, followed by with 35,304 pins and Waitrose with 19,474 pins.

The study found that the most pinned content tended to be recipes pages, with a Penguin themed festive cake recipe from Asda being pinned 11,997 times followed by One-Pot Cider Chicken from Waitrose and Cranberry Camembert puffs recipe from Tesco earning 1,677 and 1,343 pins respectively.

“Pinterest has often been associated with recipe sharing so it’s not surprising that the trend continues with the supermarkets recipe pages being very popular on the site. For the stores, getting their recipes shared on social networks is a great way to potentially drive sales of ingredients,” explained Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics.

When it analysed the average number of pins per week⁴ Pinterest users are sharing from the three most visible supermarket websites on Pinterest, Searchmetrics found that Asda was the most popular, currently collecting 1,219 pins per week. This was followed by Tesco and Waitrose, collecting 684 and 203 pins per week respectively.

All the supermarket brands except Lidl² were found to have a UK Pinterest page3 on which they can share web content at the time of the study. had the most followers (41,581) on Pinterest followed by Sainsbury’ and attracting 37,012 and 5,440 followers respectively.

Top UK Supermarkets on Pinterest

1., (, 43,834 total pins, 41,581 followers
2., (, 35,304 total pins, 4,442 followers
3., (, 19,474 total pins, 5,319 followers
4. Sainsbury’, (, 4,224 total pins, 37,012 followers
5., (, 1,434 total pins, 853 followers
6., (, 991 total pins, 5,440 followers
7., (, 350 total pins, 1631 followers
8. No UK Pinterest page, 70 total pins
9. (, 34 total pinned pages, 2 followers

Pinterest has been reported to have over 70 million active users and is one of the fastest growing social sites in terms of overall member growth. A report from Global Web Index found that Pinterest’s active user base was growing by 111% over a six month period.

“Pinterest has been around for five years and it’s interesting to see most UK supermarkets now have a presence on the site – although some are more active than others. The site has a lot of potential for retailers as they can showcase product images and information to drive traffic back to their own websites and support sales – whether that is online sales or indirectly via their stores. With Pinterest raising more funding, growing fast and continuing to innovate, I would expect supermarkets and other retailers to become more active and have more web content pinned on the site,“ concluded Tober.

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