Internet Explorer RIP: Microsoft axes toxic brand for new browser


Microsoft is ditching the Internet Explorer brand, replacing it with a new ‘streamlined’ internet browser for Windows 10.


Microsoft said this week that it was looking to re-brand its new browser, currently known as Project Spartan, when it is released in summer.

That confirmed rumours that the Internet Explorer brand would be killed off, in an attempt to escape the negative associations that have been built up around it from years of buggy and slow releases.

But some versions of Windows 10 will continue to ship with IE. It will not die immediately.
Windows appears to be making new efforts to step up its efforts in innovation, borrowing Apple’s approach of giving away operating systems free to ensure that all of its users are up to date.

‘Negative connotations’

Jason Liggi, a Front End developer at digital agency, Rawnet, said: "Microsoft’s change in direction is a smart, albeit bold, and a symbolic gesture. Internet Explorer has developed a fairly bad reputation over the years, by and large because of IE6-7, but also because of its implementation of web standards.

“This change in name is going to bring with it a raft of psychological improvements for users. ‘Internet Explorer’, and referring to it as ‘IE’, generally elicits groans across the board, even with people outside of tech communities. It's just got negative connotations nowadays, and it will be interesting to see the changes the new name will bring for the brand.”

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