SEO trends: Google to rank mobile-friendly sites higher on search


Google is updating its search algorithm to reward mobile optimised sites with higher rankings... but only on mobile search results.


The move means that from April 21, sites that are not mobile friendly (eg. Do not adjust to suit a small rectangular mobile screen) may find it harder to rank in Google’s mobile search results

Note that the mobile-friendly update only affects mobile search results — i.e., searches from smartphones and tablets — not searches conducted on a desktop or laptop computer. But that can be around 50% of all queries on Google these days.

The algorithm is applied worldwide, page by page, on a real-time basis.

Google's Zineb Ait Bahajji, a Webmaster Trends Analyst, said at SMX Munich an hour ago that this algorithm will have a bigger effect than that of Panda or Penguin.

This was posted on Twitter by Aleyda Solis and then retweeted by Google's Gary Illyes.

Google's Panda algorithm impacted at its biggest point about 12% of the search queries.m How this new change will affect SEO trends remains to be seen.

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