Top salaries in Digital: PPC marketers earn the most


Pay-per-click is one of the key skills that needs to be mastered by those wanting to excel in the digital sector, according to new research.

With 1.46 million people currently employed in the digital industries, and revenue for the sector expected to increase by 90% next year, Digital recruitment agency The Candidate, has undertaken research into the career paths of digital professionals to discover the skilled people shaping the industry.

The findings revealed that PPC is more prevalent than other specialist skills such as organic search, SEO and eCommerce when it comes to the expertise digital professionals cite in their top five skills, signifying the continued importance and presence of paid online advertising.


Of the 150 successful digital professionals involved in the research, 82 noted PPC as an essential skill, with just a few professionals referring to organic search.

Earning on average double than their non-digital counterparts and with the average salary hitting over £66,000, it’s not surprising more people are being attracted to a career in the digital sector. However, for many people the industry remains a minefield of roles requiring different skills, making it difficult for beginners to know where to start.

Brian Matthews, managing partner at The Candidate, said: “It is evident that those excelling in digital marketing have learnt and taken on board the key workings and principles of PPC. This is due to a dominance of spend within this area across the majority of digital marketing campaigns. It is therefore surprising that there continues to be a skills shortage in this area. PPC marketing offers entrants to the digital marketing industry commercial, analytical, and optimisation experience, all key facets of a leading digital marketer’s skill set.

“This by no means belittles the importance of other digital skills, but PPC is a tool central in the digital marketing world, and with its track record of producing great ROI for businesses, it’s not surprising that digital professionals cite it amongst their top five skills.”

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