Amazon debuts branded ‘Dash buttons’ for one click orders


It’s no April fool- Amazon has launched ‘Dash Buttons’- a set a small, branded devices that let customers reorder common household products such as washing powder and razor blades at the push of a button.

The firm is also working with home appliance makers to develop machines to order themselves - such as a coffee machine that knows when you are running low on beans.

The device itself is about the size of a pack of gum and features a single large button for sending orders out to Amazon's online store via Wi-Fi.

Customers use their smartphone to hook up Dash Button to a local Wi-Fi network and select which product each device is in charge of ordering. After setup, pressing the button automatically places an order for delivery.


Buttons can be mounted using included reusable adhesive tape and hooks for easy access. In one example shown off in Amazon's teaser video, a button mounted on a washing machine is used to resupply Tide Pods detergent.

Once an order is placed, confirmations are sent to a customer's smartphone, where they can cancel if needed within 30 minutes of the initial order.


Importantly, Dash Button only responds to an initial press that resets once a product is delivered, safeguarding against accidental mass orders from inquisitive toddlers or pets.
So far there are Dash buttons for coffee, detergent, razors, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, juice, dog food, trash bags, macaroni and cheese and napkins, among other items. A full list is available on the site.

Currently the Dash buttons are being sent only to Amazon Prime members in the US who request them, and then by invitation only.

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